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Consumers expect to find everything online. So whether you have a brick and mortar store or you are selling things online, you need to have a strong online presence.

Search engines are the primary drivers of commerce on internet. Which in turn implies that a nice looking site is a good thing but only half the job done. The site should be search engine friendly as well, so that the web spiders can crawl it easily and drive traffic to your site.

A website is a representation of your business so it should be planned well. Here are some thoughts which we put into developing a web site:

  • Purpose of the website: what the website will accomplish and provide to the users
  • Target Audience: knowing target audience will help tune the site to their needs, resulting in better response.
  • Content and Structure: site structure and quality of the content can make or break a site
  • Navigation scheme: consistent and user friendly navigation system
  • Compatibility: with several of the modern day web browsers existing out there
  • Domain name: it is always advantageous to keep SEO factors in mind while deciding a domain name
  • Hosting: the technology used decides the hosting package. Zitz can help you with your hosting needs.

We develop a prototype version of the website which integrates everything to set expectations. Once client confirms, the work starts on converting it into a full fledged web site.

Web design is both an art and a science and we at Zitz are good with both. Interested in talking to us, use the options available on the contact us page.

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