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9 ways to promote non-profits using Twitter

twitter_logo_headerWhat’s happening?  That’s the question everyone’s answering these days. Twitter is quite a rage with the online folk these days. And people are not just using twitter to tell others when they woke up in the morning or what they ate for breakfast, twitter is now being used to promote brands and build businesses. What’s more, twitter has become the perfect medium to promote non-profits because of its wide reach and its ability to attract followers with less than 140 characters.

Here are 9 easy ways to promote non-profits using Twitter:

1. Create a Twitter profile

surestart copyStart promoting your non-profit by creating a twitter profile on similar lines – http://twitter.com/pathsurestart/ .This is your online address on twitter and you can add a small bio of your organization. You can even use http://twitbacks.com to create an interesting background to your profile

2. Follow other non-profits

Use twitter to connect to other non-profits. Take part in conversations with other non-profits,iphone 5 remplacement écran reply to their messages or re-tweet them to your followers. This way, you build relationships on twitter and earn a lot of good will for your cause. Also, you get to be active on twitter and gain some visibility for your cause.

3. Promote blogs/news

polldaddy copyUse twitter to build a buzz around your cause. Promote your blogs; update your profile with news on a regular basis. You can use twitter to promote stories and experiences in your blogs. You can create polls for twitter using applications like http://twitter.polldaddy.com/ and ask people to cast their vote or even play your games through twitter messages. The more information you give out, the more likely people will get excited about your cause.

4. Tweet useful information

Give out information that may be useful to people, so they may be willing to RT it to their followers. Re-tweeting is a great way to spread your message. And people will re-tweet only when they know that the message is funny, interesting, useful or if it really touches their heart.

5. Use pictures, videos and more!

Share pictures:

twitpic copyOnly 140 characters are allowed in a twitter message. But a picture speaks a thousand words. Say a whole lot in your tweet using pictures. Use http://twitpic.com/ to add pictures to your messages and post it on twitter

Share videos:

You can share videos from youtube and myspace on twitter. The reach is more and a touching videos inspires better.

6. Nominate for a twitcause award

twitcause copyNominate your charity for a twitcause award http://www.experienceproject.com/twitcause.  If people think that you’re cause is good and you are doing a good job, they will vote for you. Your cause is recognized and awareness about your work also spreads in the twitter world.

7. Petitions to spread awareness

http://twitition.com/ helps you create, sign and share petitions on twitter. Spread awareness about your cause by requesting tweet people to sign a petition pertaining to your cause. You can spread the word about your cause and also get people involved in your work through petitions.

8. Raise funds

http://twitter.com/WeGiveMealPacks uses twitter on a regular basis to collect funds and other necessities for their projects. So do a host of other non-profits. http://twitter.com/RangDe uses twitter to raise micro-credit to help the marginalized in India.

9. Create a twibbon

twibbon copyUse http://twibbon.com/ to promote your cause. Create a twibbon and request your supporters and followers to use it on their profile. This way they can show solidarity to your cause and also help spread awareness about your work.

So, the next time you tweet for your non-profit, remember, 140 characters can indeed make the world a better place!

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