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Did you hear the Save Our Tigers roar on social media?

header copyThe tiger is roaring loud and clear, all over Facebook and Twitter.  And the reach and extent of its roar, within just a few days is simply amazing. Right now, Stripey the Cub (saveourtigers’ Facebook profile) has 20,702 fans and the saveourtigers twitter profile has 1,461 followers.  And the numbers are growing exponentially. Plus, what’s really amazing is the extensive user participation in the form of comments, discussions and re-tweets. Facebook fans have even gone ahead to form saveourtigers local groups! And to think that hardly a few people knew that our national animal was facing extinction, until a few days ago, the buzz created by this campaign is amazing.

Saveourtigers campaign is a fine-example of how mass media and social media advertising can be successfully synchronized to produce overwhelming visibility and active user participation.

Here are a few reasons why the saveourtigers cause has received tremendous response on social media, right from the word go:

  1. The television campaign and  the use of celebrities has given the much needed visibility to the website
  2. The saveourtigers website design not only informs but also involves users. It urges users to act – by reading about the cause in the blog (which has just one post now but we are sure more will follow), viewing videos on youtube,  by donating or by joining the cause through Facebook and Twitter
  3. What really hooks the visitor on to the website is the Join the Roar application, where the user can pledge his support and help unravel a part of the tiger’s image.
  4. Facebook allows for active participation and initiates action through  discussions, comments and even creation of local groups
  5. Twitter keeps followers posted on latest developments happening on the blogs/Facebook profile/website.
  6. There is a seamless flow of information across both media – mass media as well as social media, one directing the user to the other
  7. Active exchange of information, views and ideas across all online channels, especially across social media networks – Facebook and Twitter, initiating greater audience participation.
  8. Both mass media and social media complement each other, lending maximum mileage to the cause.

We’ll be watching to see how the saveourtigers campaign unfolds over the next few weeks. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this cause and the channels used for promoting it. Please leave your comments.

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