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The Power of Social Media – A Coke Story

coca-colaThe use of social media websites has been growing at an alarming rate.  New platforms are emerging and trends are changing, all within a short span of time.  The use of social media is not just restricted to networking with friends.  Global businesses are leveraging the popularity of social media to market their products and services, communicate with their consumers and build an online brand in the process.  Let me talk about the Coke and how they leveraged social media.

Two coke fans, Dust Sorg and Michael Jedrzejewski realized that Coke doesn’t have an short term loans official page on Facebook and decided to start one.  They picked up a high resolution image of their favorite Coke tin and put it up.  Within no time, the fans of Coke started hovering in and today the fanfare for Coke on Facebook is an astounding 3.3 million.  It is now the second most popular network on Facebook, next to the network of American President Barack Obama.

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