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Case Study: SEO, SEM & Banner ads for an International School in Bangalore, India

A new top-notch international school starting in Bangalore entered into discussions with Zitz Solution to use web as a medium to position its brand and achieve student enrollments. They had special requests to be accommodated in the marketing strategy.

  • The targeted audience was global and not limited to India.
  • The school’s mission towards providing international standard education and their integrity towards it had to be reflected in marketing them.
  • School wanted a strategy which could help them short term as well as long term.

Zitz made a sincere effort to educate the client on various aspects of internet marketing, its strengths and limitations and what kind of work was involved. Once the client was onboard, Zitz’s team of internet marketing experts worked on developing an online marketing strategy which was custom tuned to fit the requirements of the school.

The strategy development was based on extensive research and planning [for details refer to our full service SEO page].

The strategy focused on our popular http://www.bangaloreschools.net/ portal and PPC (on search engines and relevant sites) as way to increase visibility short term and SEO to ensure long term visibility.


  • The school was able to reach out effectively to global audience looking for good quality international school in Bangalore.
  • Strong brand recognition for the school online.
  • Traffic growth tot he website was phenomenal resulting in high number of enquiries.
  • School exceeded its targeted number of enrollments year on year.
  • Achieved top rankings on search engines (USA, Europe, India and Rest of Asia) for target search terms (in some cases top 1 rankings).

The client continues to work with us year on year and is extremely happy with the work done so far. Zitz continues to improve client rankings with enhanced keyword coverage and brand visibility.

Online is the way to go for schools. If you are a school or college on the lookout for a reliable and smart internet marketing firm which understands education domain, you are at the right place. Contact us now to learn how we can work together to take your school to new heights online.

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