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SEO For Web Startups

Internet is highly competitive. An optimized website can give you a big edge over your competitors besides the benefit of search engine traffic. Don’t you want the edge?

Web 2.0 Startups

Web 2.0 Startups

Being a web start up, what is it that you want?

  • online visibility
  • traffic to your website
  • create a buzz
  • network more
  • sell more
  • become a global brand

We know that you want SEO that works, that gets you noted among the right audience and gets you relevant traffic and gives you sales.���� While you may find reasons as to why you can’t be on top, we will give you a hundred more to get to the top.  Here is a SEO track record of one of our clients who made a phenomenal success by partnering with us.

  • Hundreds of their pages got indexed in Google (resulting in high keyword coverage)
  • They rank in top 10 for 90% of the keywords
  • Their rank for a particular keyword was pushed from top 80 to top 10 in 5 months.
  • They rank in Bangalore and Toronto on local search results
  • They saw 200% jump in number of leads within the first 3-4 months

Here’s how we did it/ here’s how we help you get to the top:

  • Build a custom strategy for your business:
    • Step 1: we converse intently.
    • Step 2: We understand the needs and goals of your business.
    • Step 3: Identify gaps.
    • Step 4: In order to make the internet marketing strategy intense and powerful, we pick and use only those SEO methods which fill your gaps, Boost rankings, and works best for your business.
  • Optimize the website: an optimized website sets the foundation stone for a successful search engine optimization campaign. We work closely with startups to develop a SEO friendly website right out of the box.
  • Build links: In  SEO, classic is not the best,  SEO is ever evolving and works differently across different niches.  So, we pick the best link building practices with a regard for quality.  We care for your reputation and we make sure you are associated with right people.

  • Additional boosters: SEO has many threads associated with it.  We will suggest a couple of them if we feel it works for you in terms of building a reputation or helping you in the long run.  This is mostly optional and we propose to take it up when you are ready.

We too are an ambitious start up like you. So we empathize.

We completely understand the specific concerns of a internet start up.  So, we have come up with flexible plans or rather, let u make your plan and have us work for you.

  • Different engagement models: We understand that startups require flexible engagement models as their growth path is different and very unique to them. We value your uniqueness. In order to cater to your specific needs, we have different engagement models, each aimed at achieving extremely good results for you.
  • Pricing: Startups can be of various types: some have funds to start with, some will have funds in the future.  Our flexible engagement model allows you to pay in terms of money and/or equity or a mix of both. Our belief in your business model allows us to share the risk with you. We work hard to ensure we play our role extremely well in your growth path. We win when you win!
  • No-tie contract: in working with us, you do abide to a contact which expounds commitment from our end.�� We believe in retaining our clients by giving them accountable results, we do not believe in forcing you into an agreement.  No sticky contracts.  A 30 day notice period is all we ask.

So, do I need SEO?

Not necessarily! If you feel you would like to tap into the enormous pool of people who are searching for your services online, then you better do SEO.  You will need a smart SEO service plan to help you reach out to your target customers and to beat all your competitors who are most likely doing it as well.  

We will partner with you and stay with you through your journey to the top.

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