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SEO Consulting Services

Is your website stuck on page 2 on Google? Did your website lose all its rankings all of a sudden? No wonder how hard you try, search engines are not indexing some of your pages? Are you looking to launch a new web application and want to ensure it is search engine friendly right out of the box?

Above are some of the situations and there are several more which might not call for a full service SEO but may require short term search engine optimization consulting.

Who needs SEO Consulting and Why?

SEO Consulting Services

SEO Consulting Services

SEO Consulting helps provide you answers to your specific SEO issues. It also helps you and your team a head start in the right direction. Here are some typical instances which can leverage our years of SEO experience using our consultancy services:

  • You want to develop an in-house team for search engine optimization work. We can help you with the team formation and putting standard practices in place. Our extensive understanding can give your team a good launching pad.
  • You are at your wits end on why your competition is faring so well but you are not. We can help you understand why and provide you with a road plan to beat them.
  • You want to ensure your site is not only good visually but search engine friendly as well. We can analyze your site and give you recommendations on improving navigation, content, layout, internal linking and other host of other factors.
  • You want to find out how to reach out to your target audience (even identify your target audience) and which keywords would give you best return for your money. We can come in, study your business, do research and provide you with information and strategies to reach out effectively to your target audience.
  • You have a specific SEO query which you do not know the answer to. We can help you by providing an insightful answer which not only satisfies your quench of knowledge but gives you practical steps to solve it

Our consultants adhere to ethical white hat methods and do not employ black hat tactics.

How to avail our SEO marketing consultancy services?

Our consultancy services are available to you using any of the three means:

  1. On-site consultancy
  2. Phone (hourly sessions)
  3. Email (per question)
  4. Live Chat (hourly sessions)

Next time you run into a SEO problem or need advice quality SEO advice, remember us. We are always here to help you out!

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