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Local Search Engine Optimization

Yellow Pages are a thing of past! Did you know more and more people are using search engines to locate local businesses?

Is your business visible to them?

Local Business Results on Google

Local Business Results on Google (marked in red box)

Let us help you. Be found now!

What the heck is local SEO and why is it important for my local business?

Let us say you are visiting a place and you badly need to grab a bite? Or you are in your girl friend’s city and thought how nice it would be to give her a flower bouquet. What do you do? You go online on Google/Yahoo/Bing and search for a pizza shop in that city or a flower shop in that city. Boom! You have 100s of choices and you see one is right next door. You head there to fulfill your needs. How convenient!

All major search engines Google/ Yahoo /MSN (now Bing) show you local businesses for local search terms. Several new search engines like Local.com, TrueLocal.com, Yelp.com have sprung up which are dedicated to providing information about local businesses.

Local SEO services enable a business website to be properly optimized and placed in front of the local audience looking for such services and products. It involves the following:

  • getting listed on Google local business results
  • ranking on organic search result pages for local search terms (search terms with city, area, zip etc. in it) also called geo-targeting
  • getting optimal listing on various local search engines

If your business caters to a local region then it needs to attract qualified local visitors to that region. Your business can gain a lot by local search engine optimization services.

What does it take to reach out to thousands of potential customers looking for your services? It takes a deep understanding of their behavior in order to custom tune your web presence to effectively tap into this potential customer base. These services ensure your site is search engine friendly and ranks well for local search terms.

Remember local customers are looking for you; all you need is to reach out to them through local SEO services.

A professional company like us, who has been successfully working with local businesses can partner with you on positioning your business effectively on local search results.

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