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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving ranking of a website on search engines like Google/Yahoo/Bing for terms relevant to the business in order to drive qualified traffic to the website, leading to potential sales.

Three-Staged Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Three-Staged Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Our full service search engine optimization services can be outlined in terms of stages:

  1. Research & Planning,
  2. Implementation, and
  3. Monitoring and Refinement

Our three-staged SEO services revolve around client needs thus helping us in developing and executing search engine optimization strategies for our clients which result in much higher degree of success.

Read on to understand how we approach full service SEO.

When you hire us we become a part of your family and your success. We enlighten you on SEO concepts during our association with you. The knowledge makes you a better judge and helps you evaluate us better.

Note: Items outlined below are an indication of some of the things we do but are in no way a comprehensive list of items.

Research and Planning

The objective of research and planning stage is to develop a solid understanding of the client business, understand and set client expectations and come up with a SEO strategy custom tuned for the client business. Some of the elements of our research and planning stage have been captured below:

  1. Comprehensive discussion at the start to understand the business, its strengths and weaknesses. Find out differentiators, understand target audience etc.
  2. Set goals for the campaign
  3. Analyze the current site for strengths and weaknesses
  4. Evaluate competitors
  5. Evaluate a keyword strategy (which involves extensive keyword research, selection, clustering and mapping)
  6. Baseline analysis and report to capture the current status of the site
  7. Gap analysis to identify opportunity areas
  8. Evaluate a good long tail keyword coverage plan
  9. Devise a custom SEO strategy


Research and planning phase is followed by the implementation phase where strategies formulated are executed by a team of professional and well qualified individuals. The team generally comprises of search engine optimizers, programmers, designers, project manager, copywriters and creative guys. Implementation is very specific to a client needs but for the purpose of illustration we have highlighted some of the important steps below:

  • Index Improvement
    • Robots.txt
    • XML Sitemap
    • Dynamic page evaluation
    • Site technology and architecture
    • Geo-location factors
    • Duplicate content resolution
    • Site navigation optimization
    • Other strategies
  • On-Page Optimization
    • Website architecture optimization
    • Keyword mapping and optimization
    • Anchor text optimization
    • Content creation
    • Meta tag optimization (titles, descriptions and keywords)
    • HTML markup optimization
    • URL structure optimization
    • Image optimization
    • Social media optimization
    • Long tail optimization
    • Other factors
  • Tools setup
    • Web analytics setup
    • Google, Yahoo, Bing webmaster setup
    • Other client specific tools setup
  • Link Building
    • Internal links optimization
    • Article writing and submissions on article sites
    • Write, optimize and distribute press releases
    • Submission of sites to free directories
    • Submission to paid directories (Upon client approval)
    • Promotion and link building through blog comments, forum postings, yahoo answers etc.
    • Social bookmarking
    • RSS/Atom feed distribution
    • Positioning on blogosphere
    • Creating Twitter profile and promoting¬† the site
    • Other link building strategies

Monitoring and Refinement

SEO is not an exact science. So we need to be on top of things to adapt well. Search engines keep changing algorithms, search habits change, market conditions result in fluctuations in search volumes and host of other factors require a good SEO company to always be on its toes. Good monitoring and use of effective tools give insight into traffic and conversion which can be fed back into the three-staged cyclic process to refine the SEO campaign in order to gain better results.

  • Monitoring web analytics for the following:
    • Bounce rate
    • Keywords driving traffic
    • Popular landing pages
    • Exit pages
    • Path followed on site
    • Conversion pages / keywords
    • Several other factors
  • Monitoring search term traffic trends
  • Long tail discovery
  • Others

Based on above pieces of data and host of other useful information, the campaign evolves and is refined continuously to give better outcome.

Monthly status and progress reports will be provided to the client in excel/word/pdf formats.

Our full service SEO gives you complete peace of mind. What are you waiting for, get in touch with us now!

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