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In the world of internet marketing “content is king” and this is not without a reason.  Content converts most powerfully.  But for the content to do the conversion on the web, it should be alluring enough for the user and impress the search engines too.

Recent poll shows the importance of copy writing in SEO

Recent poll shows the importance of copy writing in SEO

How is SEO copy writing different from content writing?

SEO copywriting is not just for the reader, but also for the search engines to take note of you and rank you for the relevant keywords.

Writing for search engines and humans

Gone are the days when web pages were frequented by keywords (to ensure they rank higher, the higher the keyword density the better you were).  While keywords are still important, search engines have evolved to a great extent to differentiate between good writing and spammy writing. The modern day search engines want us write content which is useful to the readers at the same time giving search engines a good understanding of it.

The key to good on-page search engine copy writing is crafting content that seamlessly integrates keywords in a way that doesn’t offend the reader.   Put the best case forward for the users, in a way that aspires them to convert.  After all the website is ultimately for the user, not for yourself or the search engine.

The content on the web pages is not the only piece of writing one should pay attention to,  effective Titles, Meta tags and descriptions can do wonders to search engine rankings and also help increase the clickthrough rate (number of times people clicked on search engine results to visit your site upon number of times your listing was shown to them)

Content Oriented SEO practices:

There are several ways to market your business through effective writing other than the website copy.  Some of the well known platforms for content driven SEO marketing are Blogs, Forums, Article Sites and Press releases.  We offer a host of content services-

  • Articles: Articles written by our copywriters can either be placed on the website as fresh content or distributed among authoritative article websites for networking and links.  Either way,������������������������������������������������������������������������ you get the benefit of getting noted on search engines.
  • Press release:  our press release services are geared towards widespread PR and brand visibility on domain specific news channels as well as search engines.
  • Blogs:  People love blogs, search engines love blogs and so will you.  They get crawled easily, rank well and with good writing you can have regular followers too. We will help you get on board with blog, write interesting and thought provoking blog posts, and also help you maintain it the right way.
  • Link Bait: Link Bait is an effective and fast way of driving a large number of natural links to your website.  By writing an interesting article that grabs attention of users.  Other sites are encouraged to link to your resource page, thus building up a solid ‘networking’ structure and promoting return visits.

If you need great content, you have come to the right place. Contact us with your requirements.

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