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Did you know?

  • 1 billion people are searching
  • More than 80% of internet traffic begins from a search engine
  • Even if users know about a brand or a business they prefer to find it online
  • Over 73% of users perform searches several times a week

As you read this content, people are searching for your services and products online. If your business  is not visible to them,�� you are missing out on lot of potential customers!

Let us help you reach out to them. Contact us now!

Organic Search Results (marked in red box)

Organic Search Results (marked in red box)

Gone are the days when ���AOL was internet’ and internet was a preserve of software geeks. Just three decades after the conceptualization of internet,�� the web space fervor has entered the homes of billions of  users across the world.

The world of web has grown enormous, with over 21 billion web pages and more added with each passing day.  The use of internet has grown likewise, with millions of users indulging a host of activities everyday.  Internet has also become driving force for businesses across the globe, and every business is competing with hundreds of competitors to stay on top of the search.

Search engines drive more than half of the world’s online sales.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Simply put, search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing the website. It is the process of increasing the visibility of the pages of a website on the organic search results for terms relevant to your business. The higher the pages of a site rank on the organic search engine results, the higher the chances of searchers visiting the website.

Since 80% of the users do not search beyond the first 3 pages of search engines, it becomes important to rank high!

Of the total search clicks on search engines, 80% of the clicks are on the organic search results (as compared to paid search ads). This fact shows the power of rankings on natural search result pages.

Recent times have seen spurt in specialized search engines focused on specific niches e.g. Google Image Search, Google Blog Search, Google News Search, Technorati (for Blogs), Google Local Business Search etc. Our search engine optimization services leverage these specialized search engines to further improve the online visibility.

Some of our SEO Services:

The ever changing nature of SEO

In SEO, classic is not the best, it is out dated.  We are constantly on our toes with the evolving SEO trends.  We have seen what works and we keep educating ourselves on the latest and greatest.  Bottom line, we make sure your business is on top, changes or no changes!

Finding the right mix

Effective SEO is both working smart and working hard.   Good SEO strategy is not the sum of all SEO services put together.  Good SEO is one that achieves results by understanding the business and putting into effect host of strategies which are best suited to that individual business needs.  The right mix for a winning SEO recipe involves:

Understanding your business Identifying gapsCheck out competition + Deploy SEO practices that that will work for YOU!

The Zitz Advantage

SEO is our passion and business our inspiration.  We combine them together in the making of a successful SEO campaign.

By getting on top of search engines only half the battle is won. We don’t stop at just that.  SEO is after all a marketing strategy and only when visitors to websites are converted into customers, the goal of SEO is truly achieved. We work with you on conversion optimization to ensure your sales increase.

Communication is our business and we take it seriously.�� We are highly communicative with our clients and partner them with us throughout the optimization campaign.  We believe in educating our clients about SEO and build a relationship that spells success.

Whenever you are ready, you will find us eager and waiting to hear from you.

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