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Pay per click (PPC) advertisements or sponsored listings or paid search or search engine marketing; allows a business to advertise on major search engines using paid advertisements. These ads appear at the top, right side or sometimes bottom of the search engine result pages (SERPs) and are clearly marked as sponsored ads. Apart from the search engines, these ads can also appear on networks of associated sites.

PPC ads are based on bidding system wherein advertisers bid to have their ads listed on search engines. The bidding is for the search terms which are relevant to your business. The bid amount is payable only when a user clicks on the ads, thus giving it the name pay per click. Generally the higher you bid on a term the higher your ads appear on the search engines but Google uses a formula to give some benefit to the quality and relevancy of ads thus basing your position on more factors than just bid amount.

Major pay per click search engineĀ  advertising networks are: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored Ads

Why does one need pay per click advertisements?

Pay per click is all about return on investment (ROI). You only pay when someone clicks on ads and do not pay anything for impressions which did not result in any click.

PPC advertisements provide your business immediate visibility and instant traffic. They are quick to launch and easy to track & measure conversions.

Script for successful pay per click campaign

Even though PPC is easy to setup and manage but to get real benefit out of it, one needs a professional campaign management company.

Zitz works with you to help you reach out to the right audience with correct message at optimal price thus ensuring high degree of conversion, resulting in high ROI.

In order to achieve that we go through the following process:

  • First and foremost is to understand the goals and objectives of the campaign
  • Find the target audience, target geographic locations
  • Budget estimation
  • Selection of PPC campaign placement (Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing etc., Content Ad networks)
  • Keyword research, selection and grouping of keywords
  • Campaign development
  • Ad creation
  • Landing page identification and/or design
  • Bid management
  • Performance tracking (ROI)
  • Campaign adjustments and optimization
  • A/B Testing of ads

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