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Education is a very competitive. Recent years have seen flood of new schools, colleges, universities and online training sites. People are taking to internet to locate, research and decide on where they want to study. They are using a host of search terms to look for you on Google, Yahoo and Bing (formerly MSN).

Is your institution missing out on these eager seekers? Are you able to reach out to them?

Most likely NO!

Don’t worry, you are not alone. According to a study most of the school websites are not optimized properly to rank on search engines. That does not mean you are ok, what this means is that there is an opportunity waiting for you. In fact most of the new schools, colleges, universities and online course providers are resorting to search engine optimization to reach out to these people.

We can help you reach out and position your institution on organic search engine result pages in a very strong fashion. We have case studies and success stories to prove our claim!

If you are wondering what the heck is this search engine optimization (SEO) then let me try to define it for you: Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly known is the process of increasing the visibility of the pages of a website on the organic search results for search terms relevant to your niche. The higher the pages of a site rank on the organic search engine results, the higher the chances of searchers visiting the website.

Since 80% of the users do not search beyond the first 3 pages of search engines, it becomes important to rank high!

We know some of you have tried SEO as well but you feel it is just a mumbo-jumbo and does not work at all. Here are some of the top mistakes which schools and colleges do when it comes to SEO:


  1. You were happy with the website design company so you decided to ask them to do the SEO for your website as well. Your web design company was reluctant to let go of easy money and thought, let us try it out. They failed miserably with your site going nowhere on search engine result pages (SERPs). Come to think of it would you go to a dermatologist when you have a teeth problem? You won’t right? Then why get SEO done by some company which does not do it!
  2. School/College/University IT Manager is given the responsibility or willingly volunteers to take up the responsibility to ensure the institution website ranks on search engines. Poor chap, reads few articles and ebooks on the internet and starts implementing it. No wonder, the project fails! The person did not have the experience and the ability to understand right from wrong when it comes to SEO and ended up doing something which might even end up hurting your site rather than benefiting you (white-hat vs black-hat).
  3. Schools think their website is the coolest and the greatest as it is all flash based, interactive which will WOW the users! Get a grip, a fully flash based site is avoidable as it is not search engine friendly. Search engines are getting good at reading flash but are still miles away and they themselves recommend sites to not be overly obsessed with flash. A good mix of flash and html is not only user friendly but also search engine friendly.
  4. Some schools, colleges and universities think print and TV will give them better visibility. All this is absolutely not true at all! Print media is dying, in several countries people are spending more time on internet than watching TV. Even if these reasons did not convince you, you need to know that SEO campaigns cost a fraction of what it would cost on print and TV and give much more targeted and relevant leads. Best of all, it is easy to track and come up with ROI of the campaign. To top it, you only appear to them when they are actually looking for you or your services!
  5. “We are a school, we do not do marketing.” We have heard that one several times! SEO is to increase your visibility online on search engines for relevant search terms.  This helps users who are trying to find an educational institution like you. You are not marketing yourself to them but you are positioning your site at the rightful place so that when someone comes looking, you are there.

You need not be Harvard or Oxford to get top rankings on search engines. In the web world, you are all equal competitors, competing to get good rankings through SEO efforts.

SEO Campaign = Top Search Engine Rankings = Increased Visibility = People find you!

Why us?

Pioneers: Zitz has been a pioneer in catering to the specific online marketing and positioning needs of schools, colleges and educational institutions.  We help conventional niches like education understand that importance of making an online presence and provide customized SEO solutions to give your website great visibility.

Experience: we have already created several success stories in education area.  We have a thorough understanding of search engine dynamics and consumer search patterns for the education segment on the web.  The insights gained through research, incessant experimentation and hands on experience can be applied to your SEO campaign.

Essential Elements of Our SEO Services

To understand what goes into an effective search engine optimization campaign please visits our full service SEO page.

Give SEO a good chance and see the difference. Go with us, we are professionals. Contact us now!

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