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The population demographics is changing rapidly in India. People are constantly on the move from one city to another in their quest for a better opportunity. For people who are not aware of local institutions, internet is the primary and trusted source of such information.  By making no effort at gaining an online presence, you are losing out on a large section of such users.

Major cities in India and in particular Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Pune have seen exponential growth in number of private ICSE schools, IB school and IGCSE schools. Parents have a choice and they do lot of research before deciding on a school. Online sites are used to post queries and seek answers to questions which would generally not be available to them. People help each other out. They comment; they share their experiences; they talk about fees, school staff, infrastructure and lot of other things. People use search engines to locate school websites to find more information about schools.

For many school and college administrators in India, Internet is a relatively unexplored territory. Most of the schools do make an effort to establish a website (some do a very poor job over there as well), but that is it. Have you ever wondered about the following?

  • How good is your school website?
  • How will parents, students, potential employees and others get to your website?
  • If and when they reach your website, will they be able to get up to date information?

Most of the school marketing staff (if it exists) is not at all versed with the modern online marketing strategies and are therefore reluctant to try and recommend them to the school management. School Management, even though they are aware of it, is not willing to try it out as they are unsure of its success.

Zitz Solutions, after having worked closely with several schools in Bangalore, realized the need for a comprehensive web solution for schools all over India.

Based on the needs, Zitz Solutions came up with a comprehensive web solution for schools. The solution provides a good platform for schools to establish a strong online presence. The major components of the education solution are:

  1. Custom CMS driven school website which is easy to update, user friendly, search engine friendly and incorporates social media features.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO) services to ensure school website ranks well on natural search results on popular search engines in India (Google, Yahoo and Bing)
  3. Search engine marketing services to give quick visibility to the school on search engines.
  4. Local search engine optimization: to target city and locality specific school related searches happening in major cities.
  5. Social media marketing services: which involves monitoring, evaluating and engaging in discussions around brand mentions and school related discussions. It also involves using social media to effectively connect with and form community of followers and enhanced ways to improve real time communication.
  6. Banner Ads on our network of highly popular school specific sites to ensure immediate visibility among target audience: some of the city specific sites which we own are: http://www.bangaloreschools.net/, http://www.mumbaischools.net/, http://www.hyderabadschools.info/, http://www.chennaischools.info/, http://www.puneschools.net/ and many more.
  7. Advertisements on Education and other relevant sites: through banner ads and text ads

Why Zitz Solutions?

We can give you several reasons why you should opt for Zitz Solutions but we will keep that for our discussion over the phone, here are some important ones:

  • Zitz has worked with several K-12 schools in Bangalore, India and fully understands the nitty-gritty’s of online marketing for schools. We are subtle but very persuasive when it comes to positioning schools.
  • Zitz has several successes to its credit

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