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Do parents look for schools online? YES

Do parents judge a school based on its website and the online presence it has? YES

Do students judge a school or college through its online presence? YES

Is the web seen as a favored channel for applying and making admission queries? YES

Do expats and outstation population rely heavily on the web for school and college admissions? YES

Do parents and students prefer web as a convenient medium in carrying out admission processes? YES

An increasing number of parents and students seek the help of internet when evaluating schools, colleges and other educational institutions.  They search on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing or join local online groups and social networks and seek their opinion on the subject. The schools on their part tend to rely more on traditional marketing channels (print, TV, OOH etc.) or do no marketing at all.

The web space has emerged as a reliable channel for seeking information and connecting to brands. It’s about time that schools, colleges and educational institutions take a step towards establishing an online presence through creation of search engine friendly websites and connect with their audience though strategic online marketing services.

Our Services

Website design and Website Optimization Services

An official website is quintessential in making an online presence and taking up any online marketing efforts.  We work with you to understand what your educational institute wants to communicate to its audience, what your value proposition is and what differentiators you bring to the table. Based on these and a host of other parameters we come up with a site theme and design the site around it.

The site that we develop is driven through a CMS system which makes it extremely easy for the school staff to maintain and update site content (we provide training to the staff in the beginning and are always there in case you need help). Besides being easy to maintain and update, the site is search engine friendly, visually appealing and social media friendly as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a good website is just the start. You would want parents, students, potential staff personnel to be able to find your website among the millions of other school, college and educational institute websites that exist out there.

The most effective way to connect with them is through search engines as recent study has shown that 80% of the traffic originates from search engines. What this means is that people look for anything and almost everything on a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.). Our SEO for schools, colleges and other institutes is geared towards finding the right set of search terms for your school website and ensuring it ranks high on search results when people search for those terms.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is a way of getting immediate visibility and instant and relevant traffic. They are quick to launch and easy to track & measure conversions.

SEM includes running sponsored advertisement campaigns on search engines for relevant terms as well as advertising on educational and other relevant websites.   

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and a host of educational and parenting social networks (http://www.greatschools.net/, http://www.parenting.com/ etc.) are have gained acceptance as a trusted source of opinion and feedback from people who are willing to come together to help each other out by sharing their experiences and opinions.

There are several parenting, school, college and other niche social networking sites, blogs and forums where parents are discussing about schools, academics and host of other educational topics. It is absolutely important for schools to not only monitor the social media and the internet for discussions happening around their target audiences and their brand but also to engage in discussions to ensure people are appreciated, right information is conveyed and wrong information is dealt with.

Like it or not discussions are already happening about your schools online, it is best that you stand up and participate in it rather than be a mute witness!

Local SEO

Several schools have a very local focus (city specific, locality specific or even region specific). Daycare and junior schools are generally focused on a very small local neighborhood, day schools are generally focused on a particular city or a portion of the city but residential schools can have a broader focus.

Local search engine optimization can help these schools a lot. Local SEO helps you rank well for geographic specific searches and allow you to target local audience better.  Local SEO is an important ingredient of internet marketing for educational institutions since most queries are local.

Why Zitz Solutions?

  • 360 degree online marketing solution provider for schools: Zitz provides A-Z services when it comes to online positioning and marketing of schools. Right from a content management system driven website to an extremely targeted online marketing campaign, we can do it all and that too in a way which gives you a fair indication of ROI.
  • Extensive Experience and Proven Expertise: Zitz has extensive experience in online marketing for schools, colleges and educational institutes. Schools are very different entities compared to other businesses. Our experience has helped us understand better as to what works and what does not, how to market a school without sounding overly commercial. We have a proven track record of success in working with our education clients.  We keep pace with the changing search and digital marketing trends and apply the best, recent and the most effective strategies to push your online presence in a systematic manner. We understand the goals of your internet marketing campaign and align the campaign in the direction of success by choosing the most effective internet marketing strategies.

Open your mind to the exiting world of online positioning and connect with your community like you never did before.

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Go through our case study of SEO and SEM servcies for an international IB school:

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