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Charity tweets big-time on Twitter!

image Who would believe that 140 characters can change the world? But, that’s exactly what TwitChange has accomplished. Twit Change is an international online charity auction that features celebrities like Eva Longoria, DD Lovato, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Jonas Brothers, Trey Songz and more.

TwitChange organized a ground-breaking auction on Twitter last week to raise money for disabled children in Haiti. Celebrities offered to follow fans on Twitter and also arrange personal meetings with the winning bidders, who made huge donations during the weeklong event.

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Twitter gets down to business!

Twitter has made a foray into the business side of micro-blogging and has announced @earlybird Exclusive Offers, which will put forth deals on products and events that will appear on the @earlybird Twitter account. Everyone is welcome to follow that account to get access to some exciting deals. All deals are time-sensitive and up for grabs by the entire twitter population.

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FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010: Social media scores big!

It’s Waka, Waka time on social media! Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are all abuzz with football fans rooting for their team, celebrating team wins and moaning defeats. Advertisers are having a field day, leveraging the power of social media to promote their mighty brands.

Yup…there’s heavy-duty competition on the social media turf, as well. The heat is on to catch the larger social media mind space. Right now, Nike seems to have taken the early lead. According to independent studies by Nielsen and Meltwater, Nike (now, called the unofficial sponsor!) has generated the most buzz online in the lead up to the World Cup. Much greater than Adidas, it’s arch-rival and official sponsor. Coca Cola, Sony, Visa and other FIFA partners are lagging far behind.

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Never underestimate the power of Twitter!

All you tweeple, you can keep tweeting your everyday activities for the entire world to see. It’s fun, it’s cool and it’s instantaneous. However, beware of what you say and how you say it. Two very famous, very powerful people have just been undone by Twitter. One’s our tweeting minister, Shashi Tharoor and the other is the controversial IPL (ex?) Chairman Lalit Modi.

Across the Atlantic, Lindsay Lohan is quite justifiably furious. Her father (or some hacker) has allegedly tweeted that she is HIV+. Earlier, Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account saying, “Honestly, Twitter has done nothing but get me into trouble.”

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6 lessons to learn from celebrity twitter goof-ups

Most celebrities have a large twitter following and some of them have a foot-in-the-mouth disease as well. They often get into some serious twitter trouble for tweeting ridiculous things. Some even get entangled in big scandals because of their off-the-mark or off-the-charts tweets. Here are a six lessons that any avid twitter bug can learn from celebrity twitter goof-ups: Read more

Holi Twitter backgrounds – Rang Barse on Twitter!

Celebrate the festival of colors on Twitter, this year. With these colorful holi twitter backgrounds.  Splash a dash of color on your twitter page to spread good cheer among friends and followers.

So, before you take your pichkaris and head out to drench your friends in color; before you start splashing those non-toxic gulaal powders on the little ones; and before you get high on bhang and jive to a holi Bollywood number, add these cool holi twitter backgrounds to your twitter profile and get into the holi spirit of exuberance. Read more

50 interesting social media terms!

Social media is very much a part of our cultural mosaic. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way the world communicates. And blogging has given everyone an opportunity to express their views on anything under the sun. What’s more, these new-age media channels have affected all aspects of our life and have created a parallel universe in which people converse, connect and network across geographical boundaries. So, it’s fitting that social media has generated several interesting terms that best describe the social media lifestyle.

Here are 50 interesting social media terms, have fun reading it! Read more

Did you hear the Save Our Tigers roar on social media?

header copyThe tiger is roaring loud and clear, all over Facebook and Twitter.  And the reach and extent of its roar, within just a few days is simply amazing. Right now, Stripey the Cub (saveourtigers’ Facebook profile) has 20,702 fans and the saveourtigers twitter profile has 1,461 followers.  And the numbers are growing exponentially. Plus, what’s really amazing is the extensive user participation in the form of comments, discussions and re-tweets. Facebook fans have even gone ahead to form saveourtigers local groups! And to think that hardly a few people knew that our national animal was facing extinction, until a few days ago, the buzz created by this campaign is amazing.

Saveourtigers campaign is a fine-example of how mass media and social media advertising can be successfully synchronized to produce overwhelming visibility and active user participation.

Here are a few reasons why the saveourtigers cause has received tremendous response on social media, right from the word go:

  1. The television campaign and  the use of celebrities has given the much needed visibility to the website
  2. The saveourtigers website design not only informs but also involves users. It urges users to act – by reading about the cause in the blog (which has just one post now but we are sure more will follow), viewing videos on youtube,  by donating or by joining the cause through Facebook and Twitter
  3. What really hooks the visitor on to the website is the Join the Roar application, where the user can pledge his support and help unravel a part of the tiger’s image.
  4. Facebook allows for active participation and initiates action through  discussions, comments and even creation of local groups
  5. Twitter keeps followers posted on latest developments happening on the blogs/Facebook profile/website.
  6. There is a seamless flow of information across both media – mass media as well as social media, one directing the user to the other
  7. Active exchange of information, views and ideas across all online channels, especially across social media networks – Facebook and Twitter, initiating greater audience participation.
  8. Both mass media and social media complement each other, lending maximum mileage to the cause.

We’ll be watching to see how the saveourtigers campaign unfolds over the next few weeks. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this cause and the channels used for promoting it. Please leave your comments.

Top 7 romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Twitter

valentinesCupid’s all over twitter. With hot background picks, cool deals on Valentine’s Day goodies, contests and what not. So, get the romance going this Valentine’s Day on Twitter. Show your love with sugar-coated tweets and make someone feel very special, twitter style.

Here are 7 romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Twitter.

  1. Get a romantic background: Start the Valentine’s Day Celebrations by sporting hearts for your profile background. Take your pick from sites like Twitrounds and Twitterbackgrounds. It’s the best way to get into the romance mode.
  2. Win a diamond necklace for your love: Cinemablend has announced a contest on twitter to celebrate the release of the movie The Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is log in to your twitter account and follow @cinemablend and then tweet this message: “@cinemablend Happy Valentine’s Day! Enter me to win the prize pack.” The lucky winner gets to win a diamond necklace, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.
  3. Follow the love and win gift cards: American Greetings’ “Follow the Love” contest lets you win cool retailer/cash gift cards. Follow @AmGreetings, submit a tweet based on the question of the day, and tag your submission #LoveAG. Win a gift card and splurge on a romantic treat!
  4. Get some romantic ideas: Looking for some sizzling ideas to boost up the romance quotient, this Valentine’s Day? Then, look up Feb14th Ideas for some red-hot gift ideas, decoration themes and a lot more.
  5. Book a candlelight dinner: Look up great deals on Valentine’s Day dinners and book ‘em in advance. TrioPalmSprings offers a great dinner package. So, do a host of other resorts and restaurants. You can even win a free dinner giveaway. Harbormagic offers one, right now.
  6. Get a taste of some Twitter love: Give your loved one some Twitter candy. Now, those little heart-shaped Valentine’s Day Sweetheart candies come with messages like ‘Tweet me’ and ‘Text me’. Your love has a one-in-80 chance of getting such a tweet message on her sugary treat, this year.
  7. Send love tweets by the minute: If nothing else works for you; if you are a little hard up for cash or if you haven’t had the time to prepare the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner, fret not. Simply send love-struck tweets, say every 10 minutes, round-the-clock on Valentine’s Day.  You can even pick up some messages from sites like Romanticmessages and send them as tweets. After all, what’s more romantic than reading tweets like this: “Falling in love with you is the second best thing in the world. Finding you is the first,” all through the day!

Now, Twitter, Twitter, everywhere…even at the Grammy’s!

Source: www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Source: www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Did you know Twitter is now a part of the Grammy’s? Artist Imogen Heap accepts a Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical wearing a specially crafted “Twitter Dress.”  The dress has its own Twitter feed and displays twitter pics sent by fans in real-time using hash tag  #twitdress. Imogen Heap says that the dress was a way to let fans “accompany me on the red carpet.”

Well, you can call it a very weird idea for a red carpet dress but what really comes out is twitter’s unrivalled popularity among celebrities and the common man, alike. And what’s more, twitter is the bridge that connects the two, that too in a global platform like the grammy’s. It’s like the fans get to be on the stage along with their favorite stars.

No doubt, twitter is now really a global phenomenon and a huge brand in itself. What with celebrities going out of the way to utilize its services and brand name to further their visibility.  Its ability to connect people and convey important messages in short, crisp sentences in a very short time frame is its biggest draw. And the number of twitter users is growing by the hour.

Twitter is really become the voice of our times and has now become accepted as a part of the popular culture of our day and age, along with Lady Gaga’s strange costumes and alien-ecosystem movies – a theme that’s beautifully reflected in Imogen Heap Twitter Grammy’s dress!

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