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Why being LinkedIn is great for small businesses?

image It’s no secret that social media has changed the way the face of the world wide web so very drastically. From school-going kids to octogenarians, everyone is up online connecting, communicating and interacting like never before. And tech-savvy marketers are no way behind. With such a huge audience up for grabs, advertisers and marketers are using every trick-in-the-book to grab those elusive eyeballs. Being a small business, you too, can actively leverage the power of the web to take your business places. Much has been written about using Facebook and Twitter for business. Now, let’s look at LinkedIn and see how it can be utilized to further business interests.

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Holi Twitter backgrounds – Rang Barse on Twitter!

Celebrate the festival of colors on Twitter, this year. With these colorful holi twitter backgrounds.  Splash a dash of color on your twitter page to spread good cheer among friends and followers.

So, before you take your pichkaris and head out to drench your friends in color; before you start splashing those non-toxic gulaal powders on the little ones; and before you get high on bhang and jive to a holi Bollywood number, add these cool holi twitter backgrounds to your twitter profile and get into the holi spirit of exuberance. Read more

50 interesting social media terms!

Social media is very much a part of our cultural mosaic. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way the world communicates. And blogging has given everyone an opportunity to express their views on anything under the sun. What’s more, these new-age media channels have affected all aspects of our life and have created a parallel universe in which people converse, connect and network across geographical boundaries. So, it’s fitting that social media has generated several interesting terms that best describe the social media lifestyle.

Here are 50 interesting social media terms, have fun reading it! Read more

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