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Charity tweets big-time on Twitter!

image Who would believe that 140 characters can change the world? But, that’s exactly what TwitChange has accomplished. Twit Change is an international online charity auction that features celebrities like Eva Longoria, DD Lovato, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Jonas Brothers, Trey Songz and more.

TwitChange organized a ground-breaking auction on Twitter last week to raise money for disabled children in Haiti. Celebrities offered to follow fans on Twitter and also arrange personal meetings with the winning bidders, who made huge donations during the weeklong event.

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6 unconventional uses of Facebook!

Most people use Facebook to connect with friends, to catch up with colleagues, to make new business acquaintances, to post family pictures and discuss hobbies and special interests. Businesses use Facebook to promote products. Social organizations use Facebook to promote causes. These are some of the more common uses of Facebook. But then, some of us like to push the envelope. To boldly go where many have not gone before. To explore unchartered waters. To use Facebook like it’s never been used before. So, here are a few very off-beat, creative uses of Facebook. Maybe, you’ll draw inspiration from them.

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Go places with Facebook Places!

“Yesterday I was at the IMAX at Bellevue watching Inception,” says Shannon. “Oh my God, so was I. Wish we could have met over there.” shouts out Mike.

This scenario may never happen again. Thanks to Facebook’s new application, Facebook Places. It’s a location sharing service that allows users to check-in their current location and also tag their friends and discover new hotspots around town. Right now, this service is available in the United States only. Read more

Twitter gets down to business!

Twitter has made a foray into the business side of micro-blogging and has announced @earlybird Exclusive Offers, which will put forth deals on products and events that will appear on the @earlybird Twitter account. Everyone is welcome to follow that account to get access to some exciting deals. All deals are time-sensitive and up for grabs by the entire twitter population.

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FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010: Social media scores big!

It’s Waka, Waka time on social media! Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are all abuzz with football fans rooting for their team, celebrating team wins and moaning defeats. Advertisers are having a field day, leveraging the power of social media to promote their mighty brands.

Yup…there’s heavy-duty competition on the social media turf, as well. The heat is on to catch the larger social media mind space. Right now, Nike seems to have taken the early lead. According to independent studies by Nielsen and Meltwater, Nike (now, called the unofficial sponsor!) has generated the most buzz online in the lead up to the World Cup. Much greater than Adidas, it’s arch-rival and official sponsor. Coca Cola, Sony, Visa and other FIFA partners are lagging far behind.

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Why being LinkedIn is great for small businesses?

image It’s no secret that social media has changed the way the face of the world wide web so very drastically. From school-going kids to octogenarians, everyone is up online connecting, communicating and interacting like never before. And tech-savvy marketers are no way behind. With such a huge audience up for grabs, advertisers and marketers are using every trick-in-the-book to grab those elusive eyeballs. Being a small business, you too, can actively leverage the power of the web to take your business places. Much has been written about using Facebook and Twitter for business. Now, let’s look at LinkedIn and see how it can be utilized to further business interests.

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6 lessons to learn from celebrity twitter goof-ups

Most celebrities have a large twitter following and some of them have a foot-in-the-mouth disease as well. They often get into some serious twitter trouble for tweeting ridiculous things. Some even get entangled in big scandals because of their off-the-mark or off-the-charts tweets. Here are a six lessons that any avid twitter bug can learn from celebrity twitter goof-ups: Read more

If IPL was played on the Web 2.0 …

Imagine the IPL (Indian Premier League) being played out on Web 2.0. Only now, we will call it the International Premier League. A fantastic idea, isn’t it? Imagine the online world to be the Eden Gardens or the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Of course, we don’t have a Lalit Modi here. Or Shah Rukh Khan or some fancy cheerleaders to rev up the action. But who cares, we have some top-of-the-line IPL social media teams. What’s more, we have more than a million players from across the globe (even from Pakistan!). After all, social media IPL is in a league of its own!

Twitter Kings 75M

Twitter Kings is surely the brightest in the social media IPL game. With 75 million players, it has an enviable position. As a micro-blogging site, Twitter Kings has an edge in terms of being well-versed in the short version (read T20) of the internet content game. It’s a widely popular team in the global arena. And has a huge following of celebrities (from Aamir Khan to Gul Panang!) who seek to gain mileage from associating with Twitter Kings.

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Holi Twitter backgrounds – Rang Barse on Twitter!

Celebrate the festival of colors on Twitter, this year. With these colorful holi twitter backgrounds.  Splash a dash of color on your twitter page to spread good cheer among friends and followers.

So, before you take your pichkaris and head out to drench your friends in color; before you start splashing those non-toxic gulaal powders on the little ones; and before you get high on bhang and jive to a holi Bollywood number, add these cool holi twitter backgrounds to your twitter profile and get into the holi spirit of exuberance. Read more

50 interesting social media terms!

Social media is very much a part of our cultural mosaic. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way the world communicates. And blogging has given everyone an opportunity to express their views on anything under the sun. What’s more, these new-age media channels have affected all aspects of our life and have created a parallel universe in which people converse, connect and network across geographical boundaries. So, it’s fitting that social media has generated several interesting terms that best describe the social media lifestyle.

Here are 50 interesting social media terms, have fun reading it! Read more

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