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6 unconventional uses of Facebook!

Most people use Facebook to connect with friends, to catch up with colleagues, to make new business acquaintances, to post family pictures and discuss hobbies and special interests. Businesses use Facebook to promote products. Social organizations use Facebook to promote causes. These are some of the more common uses of Facebook. But then, some of us like to push the envelope. To boldly go where many have not gone before. To explore unchartered waters. To use Facebook like it’s never been used before. So, here are a few very off-beat, creative uses of Facebook. Maybe, you’ll draw inspiration from them.

    • Teach a class:

      Anwarul Islam, a professor at Dhaka University uses Facebook to teach students. He regularly uploads class notes, assignments and semester marks on the social networking site. He posts links that might be useful to students. Students can also post queries which he answers through the site. The students are excited by this new mode of learning. They know their lessons are just a click away!

        • Track lawless drivers:

          Delhi Traffic Police uses the Facebook to track lawless drivers and aggressive rule-breakers. The police force enlists the help of digital informants who post photos of fellow drivers violating traffic laws. Right now, the site has 25,714 fans and over 3000 photos. Based on the pictures, Delhi Traffic Police have issued nearly 700 tickets, using the license plate numbers shown in the photos to track vehicle owners. Drives home the point that you really can’t escape the law, isn’t it?

            • Find lost monkeys:

              Symbio Wildlife Park, Australia had posted a message on its Facebook page for help in returning eight stolen endangered monkeys. It even posted photos of the monkeys on its Facebook page. This means getting down to serious monkey business on Facebook. It’s also a cool way to track stolen endangered species.

                • Travel and write a book:

                  Wondering if you had read this one right? Indeed, you have! Inspired by the movie, The Motorcycle Diaries, a young married couple, Devapriya Roy and Saurav Jha have embarked on an 80-day journey across India on a shoe-string budget, while penning their experiences into a ‘dynamic book in motion.’ This one’s called the Heat and Dust project. The coolest part is they are using Facebook to get ideas, tips and suggestions on paths to take across this vast country!

                    • Stage a walk-out:

                      18-year-old Michelle Ryan Lauto, a Pace University student who once attended high school in New Jersey decided to take action against the $820 million cut in educational funding for next year. He organized a State Wide School Walk Out through Facebook. Over 10000 students RSVP’d ‘Yes’ via Facebook. Now, that’s a smart way to stage a huge walk out, right?

                        • Taunt the police:

                          Surprised to read this? But that’s exactly what Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch did. He was an escaped convict who set up a Facebook profile and taunted the police on his whereabouts with photo updates. He managed to garner 1200 Facebook friends. However, he is now back in jail having been caught early this year. He still has a few Facebook groups dedicated to him. Quite the hero, Craig!

                          I’m sure you have also come across several off-beat uses of Facebook. Feel free to share it with us.

                          Reference: Telegraph India

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