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Twitter gets down to business!

Twitter has made a foray into the business side of micro-blogging and has announced @earlybird Exclusive Offers, which will put forth deals on products and events that will appear on the @earlybird Twitter account. Everyone is welcome to follow that account to get access to some exciting deals. All deals are time-sensitive and up for grabs by the entire twitter population.

Deals can be on any product ranging from diapers to jewelry to iPods. In Twitter’s official blog, the company stressed that it would be selective about which deals were offered and “try and make these deals interesting and of value to you.”

Already several companies like Dell and Hivelocity are successfully using Twitter to promote offers, discounts and schemes. Twitter, itself, has now borrowed from the model and started its own e-commerce venture. The retailers will determine the price of the items and twitter will earn money from the sales.

This really is a twist in the twitter success trail. Twitter with 75 million users is every marketer’s ultimate playing field. And with enough visibility, @earlybird will soon feature an enviable number of followers, all looking to bag a cool deal. It will surely attract advertisers and marketers by the drove. It won’t be surprising if Twitter’s @earlybird becomes the next big thing in online shopping. After all, who doesn’t like a good deal?

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