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There’s Independence Day, Labor Day and now Social Media Day!

If anyone of you still thinks of social media as just another fad, think again. Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, has officially designated June 30 Social Media Day. Mayor Dean Fortin has signed the proclamation, making it the first city in the world to dedicate a day to the social media cause. And that unofficially goes on to prove that social media is indeed here to stay!

Now that makes me wonder why social media so important that it deserves a day of its own. Well, I spent a few minutes thinking about it and here’s what my thought process coughed up.

Social media has the face of communication: The internet made communication faster. But it was social media that brought in ‘instant interactivity’ to communication. Twitter lets you tell the world what’s on your mind that very instant the thought comes in. Facebook lets you keep in touch with long-lost friends on a daily basis. You talk. You listen. You share. All in an instant. It’s instant communication that travels across the world faster than the time it takes to make instant noodles (which is 2 minutes!).

Social media has brought the world closer: So, your best buddy who sat next to you through school and college lives in another continent. Yet, you get to talk to him for hours, send him instant updates on what’s going on in your life and meet him over coffee every evening. Now, how is that possible? Only with social media, of course. You post videos of your baby’s cutie-pie antics on Facebook which your friend in Nairobi ‘likes’. You tweet your favorite celebrity who lives in another part of the world. You share news of your news conference to co-workers in China. You network with a client in Tennessee

from your office in Tirupur. Social media binds people together, beyond geographical, cultural, emotional distances.

Social media spells ‘people power’: Social media gives undisputed power to individuals. It allows people to speak what’s on their mind, share ideas, emotions and thoughts. It allows every individual to voice his opinion through a blog. Share experiences through home videos. Speak their mind in just 140 characters. Connect on a one-on-one basis. Social gives voice to individuals. You don’t have to be a rock star or a sports champion to speak out and be heard. You can be a home maker and still make a difference. That’s the magic of social media.

Social media helps drive social change: Social media is a people’s movement which has successfully driven change on many frontiers. So many causes are endorsed by a large section of social media users on Facebook and Twitter. Social media helps spread awareness on key issues like Maternal and Neonatal health (Sure Start) and tiger deaths (Save the Tiger). It helps in gathering funds for earthquake victims (Hawaii) and poverty-striken children in Africa. It gets people involved in other people’s lives. It lets people do their bit for the betterment of others. It truly helps make the world a better place.

Please feel free to share your views on why we in India should/shouldn’t have a Social Media Day!

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