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Mouse-yielding ninjas rule LinkedIn. Gurus are so linked out!

LinkedIn’s official blog has recently revealed a very interesting trend – a widespread increase in job titles that include the term ‘ ninja’. These ninjas do not use swords or star-shaped spikes in the battlefield. They are modern-day warriors of a different kind. On a mission to make their clients lives a lot easier.

Ninjas growth on LinkedInJob Title Growth LinkedIn

(Source: http://blog.linkedin.com/2010/04/08/linkedin-ninja-job-title/)

Most of these ninjas come from the social media scene or from computing and design sectors. And of course, there are some advertising, customer service and finance ninjas as well. But they are a minority compared to the IT sector ninjas, who range from Social Media Ninja to Networking Ninja to Web Ninja and even a few Link Ninjas! After all, most of us as kids dreamt of being a part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…so, it is indeed a cool title to sport, eh?

Another fact purported by the LinkedIn blog is a sharp surge in Evangelist as a job title on the networking site. There are the CEO and Chief Evangelists, Wireless Evangelists, Global Evangelists, SEO Evangelists alongside some true-blue Evangelists who represent Christian Ministries!

But Guru as a job title is on the way out. It is so Web 1.0 and is no longer popular with in LinkedIn. Although there are a few SEO Gurus still lingering around and they are most likely to change into ‘ninjas’ very soon!

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