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6 lessons to learn from celebrity twitter goof-ups

Most celebrities have a large twitter following and some of them have a foot-in-the-mouth disease as well. They often get into some serious twitter trouble for tweeting ridiculous things. Some even get entangled in big scandals because of their off-the-mark or off-the-charts tweets. Here are a six lessons that any avid twitter bug can learn from celebrity twitter goof-ups:

1. Tweet in the language that people can understand

Who can forget Shashi Tharoor’s infamous Twittergate, in which he referred to economy class in airlines as ‘cattle class’? A majority of Indian politicians were miffed and there was huge uproar over Tharoor’s statement across the media. Tharoor finally apologized and accepted that his kind of ‘humor’ was not understood by the public. So, it’s wise to stick to idioms and phrases that people commonly understand instead of tweeting in language that can be misconstrued. You only end up offending your followers.

2. Research before you tweet

Sarah Palin’s tweeted that President Barack Obama’s health care plan includes ‘death panels’ when in actuality ‘death panels’ did not exist. This was even reported by Newsweek as a part of the top gaffes committed by politicians on Twitter in 2009.  Much closer to home Abhishek Bachchan extended a hearty thank you to a crew member by misspelling his name! It’s great to voice your views on things that interest you, but be ready to get the facts straight. When your follower base exceeds a few thousands, you need to research before you tweet.

3. Too much drama within 140 characters is not a good thing

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a video featuring him wielding a giant knife to emphasize the budget cuts he felt were needed to balance the state’s budget. That’s great movie stuff but will it work when you hold a respected position? Engaging in too much dramatics in twitter where you are expected to be transparent and to-the-point is not such a great idea.

4. Check your message before you tweet

Actress Eva Longoria gave out URLs of a porn site with her image while updating her Twitter status. That’s as bad as it can get. You can’t have 239,226 followers and tweet porn urls to them. So, it makes more sense to check and re-check your message before you tweet. Or else you may risk offending a majority of your followers.

5. Don’t drink while you tweet

In a stunning turn of events, clothes designer Dawn Simorangkir filed a suit against singer Courtney Love for defamation, invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress for tweets about how she was billed for custom clothing. Love allegedly wrote comments like “oi vey don’t f— with my wardrobe or you will end up in a circle of corched eaeth hunted til your dead.” Whether it was induced by alcohol or drugs or just by plain anger, these comments are in bad taste. So, it’s wise to avoid tweeting in an inebriated state, lest you say something that can ruin your reputation.

6. Don’t tweet if you want to disappear from public eye

After news of his alleged affairs got out, Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James  has taken down his twitter account, thereby, avoiding public scrutiny and unflattering questions. Smart move! You can get people to forget you if you are off-the-radar for a while. And the best way to do this is by getting off twitter!

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