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If IPL was played on the Web 2.0 …

Imagine the IPL (Indian Premier League) being played out on Web 2.0. Only now, we will call it the International Premier League. A fantastic idea, isn’t it? Imagine the online world to be the Eden Gardens or the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Of course, we don’t have a Lalit Modi here. Or Shah Rukh Khan or some fancy cheerleaders to rev up the action. But who cares, we have some top-of-the-line IPL social media teams. What’s more, we have more than a million players from across the globe (even from Pakistan!). After all, social media IPL is in a league of its own!

Twitter Kings 75M

Twitter Kings is surely the brightest in the social media IPL game. With 75 million players, it has an enviable position. As a micro-blogging site, Twitter Kings has an edge in terms of being well-versed in the short version (read T20) of the internet content game. It’s a widely popular team in the global arena. And has a huge following of celebrities (from Aamir Khan to Gul Panang!) who seek to gain mileage from associating with Twitter Kings.

FB Super Kings

Facebook Super Kings has been there and done that. It’s already an established name in the social media IPL game. But just like its offline cricketing counterpart, Chennai Super Kings, FB has to think up a new strategy to win back users who were put off by Facebook’s recent privacy issues. But with a hands-on approach and with strong people at the helm (read Zukerberg in place of Dhoni!), the lion is sure to roar louder in the social media stage, as well.

LinkedIn Chargers

These guys are simply the thorough-bred professionals. And with resounding success in 2009, they are indeed to charged to take over the social media scene, this year, as well. By offering a powerful forum for professional networking, LinkedIn is steadily gaining popularity over general social media sites. It’s much grounded approach to networking and its ability to help people further their professional interests is what gives LinkedIn the winning niche in the crowded social media scene.

Knight Writers

The bloggers are the Knight Writers of the online world. Speaking their minds, stating their opinions, informing, educating, criticizing – they take a lot of time and effort to do it all. Sometimes holding a candle, sometimes lighting a fire, bloggers make the social media scene more lively, interesting and more vibrant. Very much like the very public spats that the Kolkata Knight Riders (Dada Vs. Coach; Dada Vs. Management) play out in public in order to entertain us during the IPL season

Orkut Indians

Orkut is a hit with the online Indian community. So, Orkut Indians is a fitting name for the Orkut social media team, I think. Well, there is a sense of in-built Indian-ness to the whole Orkut experience. Like the many young men who sent ‘Hello, I want to know you better’ scraps to unknown women, the images of film stars in the profile pictures of ordinary folks or the blatant self-promotions of horrendous photographs in the ‘Promote it’ section. Yes…Orkut is a huge part of every Indian social media user’s internet experience. Just like Sachin Tendulkar is a part of every Indian’s cricketing experience.

WAYN Daredevils

WAYN is a social networking site for adventure-seekers and travelers. So, daredevils is quite the name for WAYN users. But this name doesn’t really bear much relevance with the Delhi Daredevils who haven’t done anything daring, adventurous or successful for sometime, now. WAYN gets users connected to other travelers and even helps out with travel plans and hotel reservations. A great networking zone for the die-hard travelers. No wonder, WAYN is going places in the social media IPL, already.

Digg Challengers

Digg is a social bookmarking site that lets you post urls. The user’s popularity waxes and wanes with the popularity of the urls, he posts. A user can be featured in the Digg home page, if his url becomes very popular. It’s really a challenge to stay on top of your game in the Digg site. A challenge that many seasoned Diggers seem to win and earn the coveted home page feature in Digg. So much similar to Royal Challengers team which has its own set of cricketing titans – Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid and Kevin Pietersen

SM Royals

SM Royals is a group of social media sites dedicated to the rich and the famous. Sites like aSmallWorld and Squa.re cater to networking needs of the elite in the online world. The user base for such sites is small but very powerful. It’s how the rich differentiate and mark their own space in the social media scene. SM Royals is a name that mimics its cricketing counterpart, the Rajasthan Royals. After all, RR itself is simply the Valentine’s gift of the rich and the famous, isn’t it?

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