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50 interesting social media terms!

Social media is very much a part of our cultural mosaic. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way the world communicates. And blogging has given everyone an opportunity to express their views on anything under the sun. What’s more, these new-age media channels have affected all aspects of our life and have created a parallel universe in which people converse, connect and network across geographical boundaries. So, it’s fitting that social media has generated several interesting terms that best describe the social media lifestyle.

Here are 50 interesting social media terms, have fun reading it!

  1. Social media butterfly: Someone who moves seamlessly from one social media site to another, conversing effortlessly with new and old friends from different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and with different interests.
  2. Social media addict: Anyone who logins into twitter first thing in the morning,; can’t help but check and reply to tweets even when there is an important deadline to meet; has trouble falling asleep without saying Good Night to his twitter followers; and can’t take a break off twitter even if he is on vacation in an exotic island.
  3. Social media celeb stalkers: Twitter users who do nothing else than spend their day monitoring tweets by celebrities and bombarding their fav stars with annoying tweets, hoping to get a reply or their “ 140-characters of fame”.
  4. Social media recluse: Anyone who joins Facebook or Twitter with great enthusiasm; adds friends, follows several people and suddenly stops communicating. There are no messages, no updates and no tweets. It’s like he/she just goes off the radar. Only to return after sometime with short bursts of information before vanishing from the social media scene, again. A social media recluse communicates sporadically, annoying friends and followers.
  5. Ghost twitterer: Very similar to ghost writing, ghost twitterer is someone sending out tweets in the name of someone else. It is often alleged that celebs use ghost twittering to continuously send out tweets to their followers.
  6. The quotterer: Someone who spends most part of the day tweeting ‘inspiring’ quotes to his followers.
  7. Social media spammer: You’re right. The spammer is very much here on the social media scene. He can be spotted on high-traffic pages, giving out continuous stream of messages to the point that he becomes highly irritating and you simply choose to ignore him.
  8. Social media gyan guru: He is Mr.Know-it-all. Talk about anything and he will join the conversation right away and offering his very own ‘pearls of wisdom’. Sometimes what he says does make sense, but for the most part, his tweets/messages are better ignored.
  9. Friends/Followers Collector: Somebody who takes pride in his growing friends/followers list and works aggressively to add people to his list. He may even yearn to reach targets like 2500 followers in a month or so.  That’s the primary rush he gets from social media.
  10. Social media bore: Anyone who bores people out of their mind with mundane updates. I got up at 5; brushed my teeth with colgate super whitening; ate cold cereal for breakfast; am wearing sneakers instead of slip-ons. Come on, who needs this information?
  11. Lurkers: People who regularly read your updates, take a look at your photos but rarely comment or contribute to the conversation. They are the silent spectators – listening and viewing and lurking in the social media space.
  12. Media-to- Media Followers: The breed of people who religiously follow their favorite television anchors, shows, favorite brands and news channels in the social media scene, as well.
  13. Social media anxiety: Fear of communicating on social media sites like Facebook and twitter. It’s even recognized as a serious disorder, crippling the person’s ability to interact with others via social media channels. It’s very similar to social anxiety where the person fears being judged in a bad light.
  14. Social network exclusion anxiety: The fear of being left out of important conversations, the fear of your views being ignored, the fear of being uninvited to exclusive events in the social media scene.
  15. Post-posting traumatic stress disorder: This is what bloggers, Facebook and twitter users experience after posting major entries. Symptoms include racing heartbeat, sweating and extensive typing errors due to extreme nervousness.
  16. Obsessive compulsive refresh disorder: Where the user feels compelled to refresh the Facebook page so very often to see new messages or to look up what’s happening, right now on social media sites.
  17. Twitter rage: Anger induced by twitter. Frustration caused when you’re tweets are continuously ignored or resentment caused by over-use of twitter. Slow network connections and time delay between tweets can also cause twitter rage.
  18. RSS reader sisyphus complex: The inability to deal with over-whelming amounts of information coming through the RSS reader. No matter how much time is spent checking RSS reader, there are still 5,549 posts unread.
  19. Tweet Guilt: The guilty feeling experienced by a user when he cannot reply to all the tweets sent to him
  20. Six degrees of separation syndrome: The delusion that he or she is just one friend removed from anyone else in the world and compulsively adds friends on social networks
  21. Post-traumatic update disorder: This is caused by a failure to update your status on Facebook and other services, which leads to generalized anxiety.
  22. Social media schizophrenia: Extreme mood swings and  disturbed behavior because of the over-use of social media and the inability of the user to distinguish between his real life and his online interactions.
  23. Twitterhoeia: The uncontrollable urge to share mundane experiences with Twitter followers
  24. Digital depression: Feeling of helplessness, a dip in confidence levels and low self-esteem caused when unfollwed, unlinked or unfriended on social media sites.
  25. Invitation phobia: The fear of opening Facebook and viewing 501 invitations to mundane causes, uninteresting games and crazy quizzes
  26. Twitterer’s Syndrome: Related to Tourette’s syndrome, an involuntary, sudden, rapid, recurrent 140-character typing tic.
  27. Digital bipolar disorder: Swinging between excessive love and excessive hatred towards social media. The periods of highs and lows depend on the nature of tweets or messages received by the user.
  28. Binge surfing disorder: Consuming more page views in a single sitting than most average people could in a two-week period.
  29. Captcha rage: The irritation that one experiences every time one needs to decipher badly spelt words or add simple numbers in order to get on with one’s work.
  30. Tagged shame: The feeling you experience when you see an unauthorized, tagged image of yourself – very drunk and kissing your shoes.
  31. Blogstatitis: The constant urge to check Alexa and other status result sites for the ranking of your blogs.
  32. Ninnyhammer: An idiot. It’s also a term of endearment. Statutory Warning: Use it at your own risk!
  33. Avatar: Of course, it’s not related to the huge blockbuster by the same name. Avatars are graphical images representing people. They are what you are in virtual worlds. You can build a visual character with the body, clothes, behaviours, gender and name of your choice.
  34. Twitterdreams: Dreams (even nightmares) that you may have of tweeting to followers, re-tweeting texts or adding a twibbon, etc. Extensive use of twitter while awake may result in twitter dreams at night.
  35. Social media ego searches: Monitoring social media sites and blogs for mention of your name, your company’s name, your brand’s name in order to see what’s being said about you and things related to you.
  36. Social media openness: It’s being prepared to share and collaborate, like offering share-alike copyright licenses, tagging content and linking generously to other people’s content. A great way to make friends and attract followers in social media!
  37. Web 2.0: A term coined by O’Reilly Media in 2004 to describe blogs, wikis, social networking sites and other Internet-based services that emphasize collaboration and sharing.
  38. Twitterature: Classic Literature in twenty tweets or less that recreates classic literature in a micro-novel format.  Eg: Romeo loves Juliet. Juliet loves Romeo. Families fight. Both die. Now how is that for Shakespeare!
  39. Twibes: Group of twitter users interested in a particular topic.
  40. Twitterati: Yes…the elite are everywhere, even on twitter. The twitter elite, whose feeds attract thousands of followers and whose 140-character spews capture the attention of the social media community.
  41. Tweetaholic: A person who is addicted to tweeting usually wanting to tweet about anything just to feel relieved. If you are one, join tweetaholic anonymous!
  42. Flogs: Flack blogs or fake blogs.
  43. Klogs: Knowledge blogs; usually refers to intranets of companies or technical blogs
  44. Vlogging: Blogging using videos and not text.
  45. Blogosphere: No its not a term from a sci-fi movie. It’s a term used to denote the world of blogs.
  46. Eye rest: Using ‘gifts’ like images, bold text, bullets or lists to take a break from monotony in your blog ( and also a way of hoping that your reader will at least take a look at the above mentioned images, bold text, bullets or lists in your blog!)
  47. Hat tip: Publicly acknowledging someone for giving valuable information to the blogger
  48. Meme: An idea, an event or a piece of information that is passed on from user to another till it becomes totally viral
  49. Social media calendar: A schedule of events that a social media user maintains. Eg: Saturday, Feb. 14th : Update blog with a post on Valentine’s day; send a birthday gift to Keerthi from Facebook; update resume on linkd’in; tweet up the cute girl from school.
  50. Social media rockstar: Yeah…u read it right! These rock stars fiddle with the keyboard and not with the guitar. They have huge fan-following on social media sites, some running into tens of thousands. When they tweet, the social media world reads, replies and re-tweets. You can see the fans thronging to their pages. Being a social media rockstar takes you to the height of social media popularity. A coveted place where most people yearn to reach!

Please feel free to state your comments and add social media terms that you may find interesting.

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