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Why it’s social media over super bowl for Pepsi

Top super bowl ad spender, Pepsi stays clear of super bowl commercials, this year, and instead focuses on social media.

It’s the first time in 23 years that Pepsi commercials haven’t appeared during the super bowl. Instead, Pepsi has decided to focus on social media marketing. Pepsi’s social networking campaign probably costs a lot less than a full-blown super bowl ad. But the company expects to reach out to more number of people over the course of several months, through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Pepsi’s Refresh Everything Project on Facebook has more than 350,000 fans and seeks to donate more than $1 million to worthy causes in February alone. The Pepsi Refresh project is a huge hit and has given the brand mileage that can equal even a super bowl commercial. And the great thing is the campaign can extend over a period of several months and is not restricted to 30-odd seconds.

Has social networking come of age, in such a short span of time? Can Twitter and Facebook take on the good-old Television? Perhaps it’s too early to say to make such sweeping assumptions. However, we cannot deny the mass appeal that these social media sites enjoy, across varying time zones and differing cultures. And advertisers cannot ignore the commercial viability of these social media platforms.

So, what makes social media such a great brand promotional vehicle – in fact, a bigger vehicle than the super bowl itself? Here are a few reasons why:

  • A high level of interactivity. Active user participation makes the brand relate to the consumer on a more personal level
  • The users themselves are the promotional media – conveying the brand experience to their friends and followers
  • There are no time constraints in social media. You don’t have to tell it all in 30 seconds as in the case of a television commercial. The user can choose to stay as long as he wishes on your social media page.
  • Unlike a television commercial that loses its newness once it is viewed 10-15 times, the advertiser can post interesting content on the social media pages, to keep the visitor coming back for more. So, the brand gets sustained visibility over a period of time.
  • It’s more cost-effective than a mass media campaign. Marketers can get more value for the advertising buck with social media marketing.

Please feel free to share your views and opinions on Pepsi’s approach.

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