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Why Bill Gates couldn’t ignore twitter. And why you shouldn’t too!

So, Bill Gates (@BillGates) has finally arrived on twitter. A bit late, though. But did he receive a rousing welcome or what? Within 8 hours of signing up for a twitter account, he surpasses 100,000 twitter followers. Right now, he has 375,609 followers and the numbers are going up by the hour. And it’s barely a week since he joined twitter and he has sent just over 20 tweets in this time. It surely pays to be the richest man in the world, right?

Bill Gates on Twitter

Bill Gates on Twitter

What’s more, Bill Gates has used twitter to announce his official website http://www.thegatesnotes.com/ to the world. Talk about savvy marketing through twitter. The website is a huge hit reaching out to thousands of his twitter followers instantaneously. And when you add re-tweets to this message, the reach is simply unbelievable. The site has earned all this mileage without spending a dime, simply by leveraging the micro-blogging power of twitter. This goes on to show that twitter’s ability to build relationships, brands and businesses both online and offline can never, ever be underestimated.

Twitter has a world-wide reach of several million users. It’s a great place to interact, network, voice your views and stay in touch with friends, family and business associates. In just 140 characters, you can express your opinions, discuss important events and keep people informed about things happening in your life. On a slightly higher plane, this ‘power of brief expression’ can be effectively used by organizations to build partnerships, network with prospective clients, promote their activities and build their brand names online.

However, one must first understand the fact that twitter is a powerful networking tool – born out of the basic human need to communicate with fellow web users in short, crisp sentences. It is not an advertising or marketing medium. You cannot keep talking about your company or go about advertising your products blatantly to twitter users. Chances are, you will be simply ignored and your message is most likely to be shunned.

If you want to successfully use Twitter to further your organization’s interest, start by building relationships. You can do this by making yourself useful to fellow twitter users. Be interesting. Be funny. Be valuable. Give out information that people need. Solve their problems. Answer their questions. If you want twitter users to spread the word about your organization, get them interested first. Then, get them to trust you. Once you establish a reputation as a reliable source of information, it’s much easier to promote your business and brand on twitter. People are more receptive and more than willing to spread the word about your/ organization’s twitter presence.

Twitter’s reach and ability to build brands and businesses is simply astounding. So, many celebrities are using twitter to connect to their fans; promote their events, shows and movies on twitter. Several non-profits are using twitter to promote their activities and raise funds and call for volunteers. Businesses are using twitter to reach out to their customers and announce new product launches.

Twitter is simple to use. But promoting businesses on twitter is an involved process which requires understanding the sentiments of your target audience. It involves careful relationship-building through gamut of activities which are time consuming and might require different types of skill sets. But, the rewards, in terms of visibility for your business and long-standing goodwill for your brand are enormous.

So what if you are not Bill Gates. You too can leverage the power of twitter to build your business and your brand, online. You can even use the services of an experienced social media marketing company to promote your organization on twitter. All you need is a genuine interest to reach out to people with interesting information and a whole load of patience!

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