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7 Reasons to Use TweetDeck

With over 19% Twitter applications market share, TweetDeck is the most popular Twitter application (according to June 2009 reports). TweetDeck is an Adobe AIR desktop application that can be used to access Twitter. TweetDeck has a number of integrated features and settings that can be used to enhance the experience of using Twitter.


Here are seven reasons for using TweetDeck:


1. Ability to manage multiple Twitter Accounts


TweetDeck allows you to add, monitor and post to multiple Twitter accounts from a single easy to use interface. This is the primary reason why I use it.


2. Organization of Twitter data


By using panes, the enormous amount of information on Twitter can be organized and managed into smaller sections.


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TweetDeck has three default panes:


a) All Tweets: shows tweets from everyone you are following.


b) Replies: shows all @ messages sent to your username.


c) Direct Messages: shows all the personal direct messages sent to your username.


The user can add more panes using the TweetDeck menu panel at the top. All the features on TweetDeck can be further organized by moving them to the left or to the right.


3. TweetDeck on iPhone


You can use TweetDeck while on move using TweetDeck iPhone app. The good news is that it is free. All you need to do is download TweetDeck for iPhone for free from the apple App Store and enter your TweetDeck account details. Upon doing this, you will be presented with a list of columns that can be imported and viewed on your iPhone.



4. Groups


The “Groups” feature on TweetDeck can be used to segment your followers into different groups, making it easier to follow what’s going on. The groups can be friends, family, clients or anything under the sun which makes logical grouping sense for you.





5. TwitScoop


TwitScoop lets users see trending topics on Twitter at any point of time. It also lets you see what your friends on Twitter are talking about in a glance.


6. Spam Control


By clicking the TweetDeck’s spam button you can make your Twitter account spam free. Hover over the avatar of the tweet, then click on the other actions button. Next choose the user menu and then select Block & Report Spam. You can delete spammy messages, block the user and report them to Twitter with just one click.


7. Post Updates to Your Facebook A/c


You can post updates to your Facebook account right from TweetDeck.


Even though it has a good easy to use interface, I believe it can be improved further by introducing tabs and allowing panes within tabs. Hope to see it in future versions.


Share with us what you like/dislike about TweetDeck.


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